About Us

Our purpose is to help influential organizations leverage and shape narratives that drive human behavior.

Our Narrative

10 Years of Answering Tough Questions That Matter to the World

Our narrative began 10 years ago, when the White House asked us: how do we know what will resonate in different countries around the world? We embarked on a journey to articulate and analyze deeply held cultural narratives in over 40 countries.

We learned how The American Dream narrative is heard in different countries and how it conflicts with exceptionalism narratives in China (Civilizational Greatness), Venezuela (Bolivar’s Legacy), and Saudi Arabia (God’s Abundance).

As a result, we came up with a very simple insight: narratives drive behavior. So if you’re trying to understand or influence people, you need to know their narratives.

Designing a New Approach to Leverage Narratives

Designing a New Approach to Leverage Narratives

Armed with that insight as well as emerging tools to analyze Big Data, we set out to uncover narratives in the ever-expanding digital footprint. Narrative Analytics™ was born—a powerful combination of machine learning and our deep narrative expertise. We leverage billions of data points in traditional and social media to decode people’s deep-rooted, underlying beliefs, map them at scale, and use them to inform strategy.

Our Values

We express our values as narratives—the beliefs that guide our behavior and act as a powerful filter for the decisions we make. Our values were not written by copywriters, but, rather they were created by our team – with input from every single person at Monitor 360.

  • Drive


    Our passion for excellence and impact

  • Exploration


    Pushing the boundaries of data science and storytelling

  • Generosity


    Empowering each other every day

  • Joy


    Finding exhilaration in the people and the process

Our History

Our History

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