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Wharton Business Radio Interviews Monitor 360 on Narrative Analytics and Impact Investing

WASHINGTON, DC, April 25, 2016 – Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM’s Business Radio, a nationally syndicated program broadcast to 29 million subscribers around the country, interviewed Monitor 360 CEO Doug Randall and Principal Alex Cole about Narrative Analytics™ and impact investing. The interview explored both how business leaders can leverage narratives for strategic advantage, and featured highlights from a recent Monitor 360 analysis about the emerging narratives on impact investing.

“Narratives, the beliefs people hold that shape how they interact with the world, have an impact on every business,” said Doug Randall, Chief Executive Officer of Monitor 360, on Wharton Business Radio. “Understanding what they are, how prevalent they are, and what drives them among market segments is essential to business success.”

Hosts Jacob Gray and Nick Ashburn asked about a recent report Monitor 360 produced for the Omidyar Network, which explored how impact investing is currently discussed in traditional and social media. This groundbreaking research provides insights for communicating more effectively about impact investing, to broaden its appeal and move people from awareness to action.

“Like many emerging industries, the narratives about social impact investing are dynamic and evolving. By quantifying the narratives people express on impact investing, this report give supporters a clear-eyed view of what they need to address,” said Alex Cole, Client Engagement Principal at Monitor 360. “We also analyzed the narratives by audience – including investors, philanthropists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs - and saw very different beliefs that drive behavior. In addition, we found that most of the impact investing conversation is positive, which means it’s important not to overact to low signal negative narratives that haven’t gained traction. Instead, stakeholders should focus on amplifying positive narratives, so that as the volume of this conversation increases the negative narratives get drowned out.”

See the full Narrative Analytics™ report on impact investing here:


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