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Your Narrative Landscape: Volatile, Polarized, Emerging, or Mature

At Monitor 360, we have a strong point-of-view on how to navigate complex narrative challenges, rooted in 10 years of helping clients shape dynamic Narrative Landscapes – from pharmaceutical pricing and educational reform to electronic privacy and countering violent extremism. We also know that narratives are powerful forces that pull organizations in unexpected directions. The trick is to harness the power of narratives, rather than waiting for them to disrupt you.

In analyzing 100s of Narrative Landscapes through our proprietary mix of machine learning and narrative expertise, we have identified 4 Foundational Narrative Landscapes: Mature, Emerging, Volatile, and Polarized. Each landscape requires different strategies, and, importantly, organizations need to understand 1) which type of landscape are you operating in now?, 2) is it the landscape you want to be in or do you need to pivot?, and 3) what are the forces that could reshape the landscape around you?

Your Narrative Landscape: Volatile, Polarized, Emerging, or Mature

Below is Monitor 360’s Narrative Landscape Quadrant:

Volatile Landscapes are characterized by extreme disruption – often driven by external events – which activate narratives in very dramatic ways. Examples are narratives about pharmaceutical pricing and trust in financial institutions.

Polarized Landscapes are driven by entrenched beliefs and high emotions – often not fact-based – where clear lines are drawn. Examples are narratives about regulation and issues like gun control and climate change.

Emerging Landscapes are in the process of being defined - where beliefs are fluid - but have the ability to go in many directions based on new information. Examples are narratives about organic foods and the sharing economy.

Mature Landscapes are stable and contain bedrock beliefs that can endure for years, or become volatile and disrupted with the right circumstances. Examples are narratives about education and the American Dream.

Do you know how to win in your Narrative Landscape? Contact us and we’ll help you understand, shape, and predict where it’s going.